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Gentle on the breast. Easy to use.

As a mum, you have your own needs and ideas when it comes to feeding your baby.
Breastfeeding or bottle feeding?
That’s up to you.

The NUK Soft & Easy breast pump* makes expressing easy.
Soft and flexible silicone breast cup make it particularly gentle on the breast. The control unit is small, clear and quiet and it has a battery that allows you to express for two hours wherever you like.

* Suitable for all NUK bottles.

FAQs about Soft & Easy breast pump
  • The pump will not switch on. What can I do?

    To start the pump, touch the On/Off button for 3 seconds. Please make sure that only this button is touched with your finger. If your finger covers two buttons, the pump will not respond.

  • How can I regulate the suction strength?

    With the buttons + (Plus) and - (Minus), the suction strength can be regulated from 1 = very weak to 9 = very strong. As soon as the pump is started, it always starts with the weakest setting 1. Slowly work your way up to the suction strength that is comfortable for you.

  • What programs does the pump have and how can they be set?

    The pump has three programs: 1. stimulation; 2. Suction; 3. Drain.

    The pump starts automatically with the stimulation program. Here the pump sucks in short cycles, just like the baby sucks at the breast when it is get started breastfeeding. After two minutes, the pump automatically switches to the second program, the suction program. The cycles become longer and the vacuum is kept short so that the milk can flow well. The baby does the same at the breast. When the initial thirst is quenched, it becomes calmer, sucks longer and swallows a little less often. The third program can be set manually. It is the drain program. Here, three short sucks and one long suck are given. This stimulates the breast again and pumps it almost empty. The programs can be changed by pressing the M button. The sequence is always the same: stimulation, sucking and drain. And again from the beginning. If you want to skip the stimulation program at the beginning or change before the two minutes are up, you can switch to the next program, the suction program, by pressing the M button. Just as you like it and as it is comfortable for you.

FAQ Section
  • If I have a single pump but now prefer to use a double pump, what can I do?

    The operating unit is strong enough to pump both breasts at the same time. Simply buy the NUK extension set for the NUK Soft & Easy electric breast pump. Article number 10252144. This allows you to connect two sets to the operating unit without any problems. A double tube set is included. The pump operation is identical.

  • Can the double pump also be used as a single pump?

    Yes, it is very easy: with the double tube, simply insert the end of the not needed tube into the cross piece so that the air suction is interrupted. Then the tube only draws air to one side. See also a picture and information in the operating instructions, chapter 6.2.

  • Can the parts be cleaned in the dishwasher?

    We do not recommend cleaning the plastic and silicone parts in the dishwasher. The materials can suffer from the dishwasher detergents, become brittle and can deform. It is better to clean all parts that come into contact with breast milk in a hand basin with the NUK bottle cleanser and then disinfect them with the NUK steam sterilizer or boil the parts. Only wipe the electronics unit with a damp cloth if it has come into contact with breast milk. Also refer to the operating instructions, chapter 5 Cleaning and disinfection.

FAQ Section
  • What if the pump does not build up pressure, i.e. does not suck?

    First check that everything is assembled correctly. Is the valve in the connecting element? This is often forgotten. Also check whether the pump still has enough battery capacity. You can charge the battery and pump in parallel in case you forget to charge the pump before. Also make sure that the breast shell seals against the chest and does not draw air. Only if this is the case can the vacuum be fully built up.

  • How do I know which breast cup size I need?

    There are two sizes: 24mm and 27mm diameter. The mm indication is written on the outside of the breast cups. Try it out and see what works better for you. The narrow inner part of the breast cup should be slightly larger than the nipple itself so that the nipple does not rub in the tunnel area during pumping. When pumping, the nipple still expands a little. It is best to put the breast shell aside that you will not use. That way there will be no confusion. By the way, nipples can be have different sizes. You may need other breast cup sizes for each nipple. If you are unsure, ask a breastfeeding counsellor or midwife.

  • How long does the battery last?

    When the battery in the pump is fully charged, it will last for about 120 minutes of pumping time.  For example, for 4x 30 minutes of pumping.

FAQ Section
  • What do I do if the battery does not charge?

    Always use the USB C charging cable supplied to charge the battery. A small NUK label is attached to the white cable. The cable is matched to the device. Other USB C cables can also work. However, it must be ensured that the connection part is deep enough into the device and that contact is made. Only then charging is possible. Check the battery status in the display. The charging process is shown here.

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